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mtowne This album is mastercraft LSDJ.

If you are an LSDJ artist, you can listen to this album a dozen times and still not catch all the intricacies. Get the SAVs and pick them apart, they are truly amazing.

If you aren't a chiptune fan, this album is still amazing. This is where chiptune gets so good that it doesn't matter WHAT kind of music you like, you can enjoy this. This is the album I show people to get them into chiptune.
Favorite track: Midnight at the Ice Palace.
Niko Walruski
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Niko Walruski One of my first chiptune albums, simply got me hooked. Favorite track: Can't Have the Fish if you Ain't Got the Jelly.
Ethan Shearer
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Ethan Shearer Such a good release. All the songs are sweet and there's not a single track i haven't rocked out to. Favorite track: Can't Have the Fish if you Ain't Got the Jelly.
Anthony Schmitt
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Anthony Schmitt It's hard to hear Michael's evolution over the span of his releases, partly because he was already so damn good from the gate. Favorite track: Memory Erasers Local.
Lars Shurilla
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Lars Shurilla Fun roboctotunes to get you through the day. Favorite track: Evening for the Rest of Your Life (Remix).
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This EP is available for free via Nonelectronics:

The LSDJ .sav file is included for those interested in seeing how these tracks were programmed.

Pixel art by the very talented Gavin Reed:

The good people at Nonfinite Electronics ( are now including the Jelly .sav file on EMS cartridges purchased from their online store!

Special thanks to the Southern and Midwestern chip peeps that support live chip in the region. Keep turnin' up! Mad props to Chiptunes=Win & Co for their tireless enthusiasm and support. Meg respekt for my beta tester bros (esp. Solarbear, Nestrogen, Max Dolensky, and Mr. Wimmer). And Curtis would like to thank Def Leppard for being the light at the end of his very long tunnel.

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released April 15, 2014

All tracks by Roboctopus




Roboctopus Huntsville, Alabama

Roboctopus makes music on the original Nintendo Game Boy.


  • Sep 29
    Evansville, IN

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